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Giovanni Bosch

I have been developing an interest in portraitures for the past few years. These portraits are a reflection on characters and attitudes; they refer directly and indirectly to people that i have met or I’ve known somehow. There are more psychological and sociological reflections in these works than physiological representation of the people that inspired them; although, they do play an important role in the making of these pieces.

The meeting of different styles on my canvases is constant in most of my art work since long ago, I enjoy the process of harmonizing the contraries on my art works.

The symbols that I employed in my work are a primary language for my reflections and inspiration; they come from different sources, some have their universal or local meanings, others just have a personal significance. The symbols could be identified by the viewer as concrete or ambiguos ones. The symbols' order on display responds to my original thoughts, I am not concerned whether the codes are understood farther than the visual language that i consider evident. The title of the art work is an open window to the viewer’s imagination.

The aesthetics contend in my work, the concerns of the painter with composition, form, color, etc have been always a more important theme for me than any other driving forces of inspiration. At last, it is some kind of beauty that I intented to create and it’s the only thing that I am ready to share with the public.

Giovanni Bosch

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